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May 2012

Animation Highlights 菠蘿焦點 5 - The Game (47 sec, Poland)

Directed by Marcin Janiec

It is the ultimate game of one’s life; a game with death.  The animation program selects 10 short films with adult and contemporary themes. For 18 & above / strong adult themes

The animation program will be shown 4 locations in Hong Kong : EXPERIMENTA + Hidden Agenda + XXX + The Fringe Club.   Programs in EXPERIMENTA and Hidden Agenda are free and are only for PUFF film club members.  


Experimental Highights – This Side of Resurrection (113m, Portugal) 實驗電影 焦點 4 – 一半是火焰,一半是海水

Presented in loop at EXPERIMENTA video & film space

Deste Lado da Ressurreição
Directed by Joaquim Sapinho


(113m, Portugal)

19-22 JUNE 2012

A beautiful meditation about life and faith – not only in God but in ourselves.  How strong can a film be?  Its images powerful enough to change our emotions. A film that deals both with surf and a religious personal quest.  Surfing can be a metaphor for life.  In our fast Internet age, when 140 characters can be a text, a film as ‘This side of resurrection’ can be a daring experience that forces its audience to take a deep breath and dive with its protagonists siblings into the ocean of life.


To see this film ,  become our PUFF Film Club member !

Doks Hightlight – Cultures of Resistance (73min, Brazil) 焦點3 – 全球起義

( Brazil/ USA, 73min, 2011 ) OPENING FILM & AFTER PARY at Hidden Agenda 8th JUNE 2012 (Friday , 8pm-10:30pm) .   Shot in 5 continents, this is a film journey into the causes of contemporary war and conflict around the world,  an impassioned meditation on the apocalyptic problems facing humanity at this critical juncture in the history of the species.

Directed by Lara Lee

Location : Hidden Agenda 8th June 2012 8pm


Feature Hightlights 菠蘿焦點 2- The Language of Time 只在乎曾經擁有 (86min, Chile)

The Language of Time
Original Title : El Lenguaje del Tiempo
Directedby : Sebastian Araya Serrano
(1 hr 26 min,  Chile, 2011)  Asia Premiere
Location : EXPERIMENTA 16th June ( Sat.) 9:00pm

The Language of Time tells the tale of a Man and a Woman who get together in an attempt to reconcile their differences.  It is a exemplary first feature film by the Araya brothers from Chile ; an auteur film that is intensely poetic and that experiments with a new form of narrative and imagery.   Winner of PUFF Indie Award 2012.

Feature Highlights 焦點 1 - Re:play-Girls (60min, Japan)

(Category III) High-school student Michi, who wants to end her own life, stumbles into an online suicide chat room, where she decides to buy their special service. She is asked: “Would you like to REPLAY?” and impulsively presses “Yes”, catapulting herself on a quest to her own death in the suicide game, “Re:Play-Girls”.

for ages 18 & above

Other Japanese films in the festival  :

10 JUNE 2012 (60min, Japan at Hidden Agenda 8pm

Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性愛機

Directed by : Taku Kuroda

Shy Japanese office man loved his girlfriend but he wanted more.  She cannot be physically touched but she wanted it too.  The only answer to that is a sex machine.


2012 Program Roll Out 節目大滾動 – 時間表 – 6月8日OPENING Film & Afterparty !! BYOB

8-23 JUNE 2012

*PUFF reserve the rights to amend the program

* Our Short Film and Experimental Program will be shown in a loop; there will not be individual listing of all our short films – but come to see them – you’ll be in for a nice PUFF surprise !

*Addition and Amendment to program above :  2 Night :  Best Actress nomination at the Israeli Academy Award / The Language of Time is a Asia Premiere – not a World Premiere.

Opening film and party

8th June (Friday) 8pm at Hidden Agenda… BYOB  yeah !!!!

(all 18 years and above; mostly sex and politics ; all first-time filmmakers ; Asia and World Premieres)

Hidden Agenda 

( Free for PUFF Film Club; sign up / on our Facebook / or sign up on arrival)

8th June (Fri)      8:00pm  Cultures of Resistence 全球起義  (Brazil & USA,  80 min) IN COMPETITION Asian Premiere

9th June (Sat)     8:00pm  Orient Top Town 大東方   (China, 83 min ) Docu-drama on visual artists and property developers in Shanghai,  Hong Kong Premiere

10th June (Sun)  8:00pm  Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性 + Nage-ire essence of Japanese Spirit 插花女殺手 (60min + 60 min,  Japan)   Drama , love & sex , subculture,  Asian Premiere


(all Experimenta program free for PUFF Film Club members, sign up now !)

16th June (Sat)  

7:30pm       Roomless不設房 (Hong Kong 90min)   Drama, sex & Hong Kong

9:00pm       El Lenguaje del Tiempo ( The Language of Time ) 只在乎曾經擁有 ( Chile, 87m ) IN COMPETITION, World Premiere , auteur , drama, love, experimental

17th June (Sun)

3:00pm   Fambul Tok  營火 (USA, 82min ) Documentary , reconciliation and war , IN COMPETITION

5:30pm  Teneriffa Exit  愛上陌生人 (Germany  90min)  Indie love drama 

19-22nd June (Free for PUFF Film Club Members )

12-6pm  Experimental & short film program including One Thirty (India,58min ) Okuraku no ojisan (Japan ,64m) Sochi 255  (France,115 min) The Darned Bulb (Romania,55min )  This Side of Resurrection (Portugal,113 min) Trip  (Romania,117 min)   Pets Republic of China (China, 61 min )  How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli Problem (Ireland,96 min )


( HK$30 pay at the door )

15th June (Fri)   8:00pm   2 Night 以色列的第二夜 (Israel  81 min) Drama,big city, nightlife,sex ,Asia premiere    IN COMPETITION 

23rd June (Sat)  8:00pm     O que ha de novo no amor ? 愛情海綿 (Portugal,114m ) 6 filmmakers & 6 love stories  Asia Premiere

Fringe Club
( HK$60 each, HK$100 for both nights,  buy on HK Ticketing )
21st June (Thurs)  7:45pm Patient 17 第十七號病人( United Kingdom , 78 min )  Suspense, drama , IN COMPETITION, Asia Premiere22nd June (Fri) 7:45pm Re:Play Girls校服自殺團  (Japan, 94 min) Hong Kong Premiere
 菠蘿電影節 PUFF 匯集來自世界各地的電影「菠蘿」,  於另類視藝空間 EXPERIMENTA —   透過獨立電影人不拘一格的美學視覺及尖銳的電影語言,加上嶄新的放映模式,希望能為地下電影吸納新觀眾、探索新思維並建構新空間。

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