8-23 JUNE 2012

*PUFF reserve the rights to amend the program

* Our Short Film and Experimental Program will be shown in a loop; there will not be individual listing of all our short films – but come to see them – you’ll be in for a nice PUFF surprise !

*Addition and Amendment to program above :  2 Night :  Best Actress nomination at the Israeli Academy Award / The Language of Time is a Asia Premiere – not a World Premiere.

Opening film and party

8th June (Friday) 8pm at Hidden Agenda… BYOB  yeah !!!!

(all 18 years and above; mostly sex and politics ; all first-time filmmakers ; Asia and World Premieres)

Hidden Agenda 

( Free for PUFF Film Club; sign up www.hkpuff.com / on our Facebook / or sign up on arrival)

8th June (Fri)      8:00pm  Cultures of Resistence 全球起義  (Brazil & USA,  80 min) IN COMPETITION Asian Premiere

9th June (Sat)     8:00pm  Orient Top Town 大東方   (China, 83 min ) Docu-drama on visual artists and property developers in Shanghai,  Hong Kong Premiere

10th June (Sun)  8:00pm  Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性 + Nage-ire essence of Japanese Spirit 插花女殺手 (60min + 60 min,  Japan)   Drama , love & sex , subculture,  Asian Premiere


(all Experimenta program free for PUFF Film Club members, sign up now !)

16th June (Sat)  

7:30pm       Roomless不設房 (Hong Kong 90min)   Drama, sex & Hong Kong

9:00pm       El Lenguaje del Tiempo ( The Language of Time ) 只在乎曾經擁有 ( Chile, 87m ) IN COMPETITION, World Premiere , auteur , drama, love, experimental

17th June (Sun)

3:00pm   Fambul Tok  營火 (USA, 82min ) Documentary , reconciliation and war , IN COMPETITION

5:30pm  Teneriffa Exit  愛上陌生人 (Germany  90min)  Indie love drama 

19-22nd June (Free for PUFF Film Club Members )

12-6pm  Experimental & short film program including One Thirty (India,58min ) Okuraku no ojisan (Japan ,64m) Sochi 255  (France,115 min) The Darned Bulb (Romania,55min )  This Side of Resurrection (Portugal,113 min) Trip  (Romania,117 min)   Pets Republic of China (China, 61 min )  How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli Problem (Ireland,96 min )


( HK$30 pay at the door )

15th June (Fri)   8:00pm   2 Night 以色列的第二夜 (Israel  81 min) Drama,big city, nightlife,sex ,Asia premiere    IN COMPETITION 

23rd June (Sat)  8:00pm     O que ha de novo no amor ? 愛情海綿 (Portugal,114m ) 6 filmmakers & 6 love stories  Asia Premiere

Fringe Club
( HK$60 each, HK$100 for both nights,  buy on HK Ticketing )
21st June (Thurs)  7:45pm Patient 17 第十七號病人( United Kingdom , 78 min )  Suspense, drama , IN COMPETITION, Asia Premiere22nd June (Fri) 7:45pm Re:Play Girls校服自殺團  (Japan, 94 min) Hong Kong Premiere
 菠蘿電影節 PUFF 匯集來自世界各地的電影「菠蘿」,  於另類視藝空間 EXPERIMENTA —   透過獨立電影人不拘一格的美學視覺及尖銳的電影語言,加上嶄新的放映模式,希望能為地下電影吸納新觀眾、探索新思維並建構新空間。