Roomless – 港男阿偉,加入綜援行列,「橋」埋雙手唔駛撈,獨自蝸居一百呎套房,過其頹廢生活… 他遇上一樓一鳳姐阿媚…….

大東方   Orient Top Town   –  巨額投資的結果是無人問津的樓盤 ,  商家們想把冷清了無人煙的大東方變活 , 注入了一群沒有錢只有畫的藝術家 .  在茫茫大海中找得浮台 .  在這空降又沒有根基的烏托幫生長 雖要走的還得要走 ,  但在再次成為無根草之先 就痛快活在當下.

(18 years & above)

English Film Synopsis :  Orient Top Town is the English name given to a luxurious real estate development in south east Shanghai, China. The grand entrance of the project is a replica of the arc de triomphe in Paris.

Reality, however, did not quite match the developer’s grand intentions. Despite a booming property market boom in China, nothing much were sold at Orient Top Town. It is empty with no one.

So, in order to make the place look more crowded, the developers decided to let artists live in the 500 vacant shop spaces for free. Soon, a community began to take shape in the estate.

the backdrop of a glamorous big city of Shanghai, Orient Top Town represents an ironic reminder of how untenable the fast pace development can be in China. The artists’ personal stories are a reflection of the hearts and minds of the people in China today, of the reality of surviving the unique Chinese economy and of how art and property meet to become the best business partners!


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