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September 2012

The Twilight Zone

PUFF have “The Twilight Zone” post festival event for few Sat night.

We got the 2002/03 version with Forest Whitaker as the host.

It was quite a fun experiences.

The show is actually amazing, I have watched all of the eposides from that version.

There are quite a lot of good eepisodes.

The show always suprised me with guest actors and endings.

I love the show, each episode are around 20mins, and those story always excited .

Another fun thing about the event is the setting of the show.

Some of you may know that we have few different set up for the screening

It’s one of the interesting part of having screening in EXPERIMENTA.

Love the final setting for the show.

The coming up Sat would be the last screening of this set of The Twilight Zone

8/9/2012, 8pm EXPERIMENTA

Shall we have more “Twilight Zone” screening after that ?

Will share some of my favourite episodes later on the blog.


Click photo to see 2012 Trailer (3 min)

PUFF 2012 screened a total of 56 films.

16 Features Films including;

5 Doks Features;

25 Short Films;

10 Animation Shorts;

5 Experimental Videos & Films

from over 30 countries

China, Japan, Korea, India, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Romania, Iran, Oman, Sierra Leone, USA, Mexico, Chile , Brazil and Hong Kong

Selected Film Stills from 2012 Programs

Short Film Program – From Now to Eternity ( France/Japan)

Short Film Program – Manual for Bored Girls (Spain)

Doks Program – Orient Top Town (Hong Kong, China)

Feature Film Program – Re:play Girls (Japan)

Feature Film Program – Patient 17 (United Kingdom)

Doks Program – Fambul Tok (Sierra Leone)

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