Opening night of PUFF 2014

4th December 7:00pm at XXX Gallery


The Eve is a really cool music video of local independent electronic funk duo Sonic MSG and is directed by videographer Nicola Fan. This is a must see if you like us, are completely sick of watching those karaoke style Cantopop MV!


HK / 2013 / 92min / Color / 2.35:1 / Mono
In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitles

導演 Dir: 陳英麟 Stephen Chan
演員 Cast: 岑榮駿 Norris Shum, 林雪穎 Klarus Lam, 柴國燊 Samson Chai, 梁嘉進 Eric Leung, 顧嘉琪 Kaki Ku


Discovering a good movie and meeting the right person in your life are similar in many ways, as just one single look, is to change your life.

The story happens when Chan and Mok met in a cinema; one, wimpy and delicate, the other bold and straightforward. Yet, their madness love towards movies, tied them together, to endless conversations, like they have always been together.

The two worked hard to overcome their different personalities and obstacles in their relationship. Together, they held hands, shared laughter and wonderful, theatrical memories, marking the beginning of their absurd but romantic relationship.

As time goes by, Chan tried his best to provide Mok with everything he could in his own way, however things did not turn out the way they wished it would be. Slowly, the difference between them became more and more apparent and their relationship is hanging on a tenuous string.

This movie dedicated to them, is walking towards a finale or merely just a prelude, the reality is yet to be foreseen so easily by Chan…

Director’s statement

“Movies that spread love, faith and joy are all great movies.” – Derek Kwok Chi Kin, director from Hong Kong.

As one that directs a film, also directs the emotions felt by the audience. While some would have the theme of helplessness and darkness, but left a ray of light behind, captivates the audience. While some would have the theme of belief and declaring the power of love, but highlights how the couples’ indiscretion caused them to paint lies over lies.

I didn’t realize nor hope that the people nowadays would get used to such twisted, distorted way of love.

When we were filming this movie, most of us were merely students or fresh graduates. Despite of the tools, we had no more than 10 thousand to film this movie. We have heard many people talking, saying ‘ If you are so confident in the script, why don’t you work on selling it instead so that you could film it with less limitations and a bigger budget?’

Through this movie though, what we would like to accomplish, besides from completing a worth mentioning deed even after 10, 30, 50 years; more importantly is because in the recent years, a few romantic films spreading the message of such ‘Values of New generation’, created such depressing feeling that sends shiver down the spine.

What we wanted to do isn’t something epic or world-changing; on the contrary, we would like to use the romantic movies that grew up with us, in the most cliche way, to lit a tiny flame.


遇到Mr./Mrs. Right,就如看到一套好電影 – 瞥見一眼,足已改變一生。

陳家富(岑榮駿 飾)在電影院巧遇莫敏兒(林雪穎 飾),二人一個柔弱怕事,一個口直心快,卻湊巧地瘋狂迷戀電影,以使二人滔滔不絕,一見如故。


時間流逝,陳家富一心以自己的方法,努力給予莫敏兒最好的一切,卻偏偏事與願違 – 二人的性格差異逐漸浮現,關係變得若即若離。