We are kicking off the PUFF 2015 season with some important unfinished business from last year. Announcing the distinguished members of our judging panel for the PUFF award 2014!

Judge 1: Ethan Minsker, NY director of Art Antagonist Movement

Ethan is an American writer and filmmaker. He was diagnosed at an early age as being both highly dyslexic and highly intelligent. He is the co-founder of the Antagonist Movement, Inc., a consortium of artists, writers and musicians based in New York’s East Village. Mr. Minsker is also the creator and editor-in- chief of Psycho Moto Zine, which has been in publication since 1988. He lives in New York City.

Judge 2: Will Schmeckpeper, independent filmmaker

Will is a film director, writer and producer whose films focus on life in the State of Idaho in the Western USA. His most recent works are queries into the state of human nature: IN COMMON HOURS is an existential narrative, while his series of ambient films BIKINI HOT TUB GIRLS and KITTAH AT REST comprise his social experiment to see if people really will download and watch just about anything. Recently, Schmeckpeper has begun hosting BIG CHUNKS OF PLASTIC as “The Earthpig” on KRBX Radio Boise, a show dedicated to film and video soundtracks and scores.

Judge 3: Faiyaz Jafri, multidisciplinary artist

Faiyaz is an award winning filmmaker and artist, born and raised in rural Holland of Dutch and Pakistani decent. Jafri’s art explores Jungian archetypes in the modern world. In addition he searches for neo- archetypes in mass media and global popular culture.

His work has an almost clinically engineered feel to it without becoming cold or soulless. It is this contrast between unnatural perfection and the fact that his work conveys a strong emotion that makes his work at times haunting but always strangely human.

Jafri’s work has been exhibited in the form of print, pantings, video installations, animations and life size sculptures, in galeries, museums and film festivals around the world.

Judge 4: Chung Pei Chi, professor in Religious and cultural studies at CUHK

Dr. Peichi Chung currently teaches at the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously Peichi taught as an assistant professor in the Department of Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore. Her research interests include new media studies and digital culture. Her dissertation focuses on the study of three online communities and their participation in the nation-building process in Taiwanese nationalist movement. Currently she studies the formation of popular culture in the online digital game game space of Asia. Her present research compares cultural regionalisation and industry dynamics in three online gaming sub-regions of Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

Judge 5: Reiko Kondo, independent filmmaker

Reiko graduated from EICAR (L’École internationale de création audiovisuelle et de réalisation) in Paris, her film Une fuite de lumière d’été has won multiple awards and she has screened her new film Marchen I & II in Hong Kong. Reiko’s way of life is an inspiration to many women, as she lives and works on her own in Paris for the past 10 years. A break away from the Japanese women traditions !

A big thank you to all our judges who spent long hours watching the nominated films and writing notes and comments to us. Results will be announced very soon.