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JUICY WITH EDGES 香甜異品 以果會友 PUFF 2012 will showcase 10 feature length films, 20 shorts, 10 animation shorts and 5 documentary features from over 20 countries around the world. PUFF is dedicated to showcase the spirit and skills of indie filmmakers and outstanding films which explore new and alternative forms of narratives. PUFF Indie Award winner will have the opportunity to receive Investment funding for their next feature film. 菠蘿電影節(PUFF) 匯集來自世界各地的電影「菠蘿」於另類視藝空間 EXPERIMENTA—透過獨立電影人不拘一格的美學視覺及尖銳的電影語言,加上嶄新的放映模式,希望能為地下電影吸納新觀眾、探索新思維並建構新空間。


Videos & Sound Installations

23-27 MAY 2013 (Thursday  through Monday)  12-7pm

Gabriel Hošovský (Slovakia)/ Gheorghe Sfaiter (Romania) / Jonathan Ebron (Hong Kong)

Routinely and efficiently, Gabriel Hošovský (above photo) paves the way to his own downfall as he cuts off the branches he is sitting on. An understandable practice, it seems, for those who have lived behind the Iron Curtain. These performances, which are enacted in a post-Soviet scenario, affect the viewer as if they were the alarming message of a worldly-wise man.

It doesn’t matter if the rhetorics of socio-economic crises prove to be correct or not – or  are we going to act as clever as he does ?

A summary of questions about existence and security of the future via their own steps.

Hošovský’s rule #1 says: ‘Life goes on.’  Hošovský lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia

Experimenta : Your work is intense and you have put yourself in danger while filming it. Could you tell us your life experience that made you perform this work?

Gabriel Hošovský : Maybe it was from a desire for touch and danger as basic modes of existence. This is one of my several projects in which I seek answers to questions about our existence, what we do here and how we live. I try to answer these questions and to express them as clearly and as simply as possible. For me, the videoMiscellany XIII. brings simple and clean ways of acting to the edge of my experience while shooting. It is a search of some imaginary ‘zero point’. I am looking for a point that demands that I get rid of all formal elements of art. The question is, how much art is still left?   

portrail_Gabriel_HosovskyWho are the filmmakers or video artists who had inspired you?

I cannot name any particular inspirational source or medium. If I wanted to put my film in context, I would rather mention my series of booklets (Miscellanies) that I have been working on since 2010. My previous projects were not film related, they were photo-, text- and mixed media concepts.

What are your other work and are they related to this work, maybe with the same theme?

As I have mentioned, seeking answers to essential questions – unlike in the art we experience nowadays – is part of my ongoing project to explore fundamental answers using simplified questions, such as: What? Where? What is art? Where is art? – series of photographs from my trip across Europe –Miscellany VIII and IX). I also work with the idea of “lost and found identity” by repainting found works by unknown dead naïve artist who used the same initials, ‘GH’ as I do. Additionally, I look for possible connections between published photographs that never had anything in common; or I intuitively search for new relations between common situations along with the presentation of human characters through their portraits (upcoming video project ‘victims and offenders’).

still_2_film_HOSOVSKY_MiscellanyXIII-1 stil_3_film_HOSOVSKY_MiscellanyXIII

stills from Miscellany XIII , showing at EXPERIMENTA during Art Basel

experimenta gallery map-03

Ten Best Gallery in Hong Kong May 2013 Culture Trip UK

Gheorghe Sfaiter lives and works in Romania. ” First of all I have to mention that this film is my practical application of my PhD, entitled: „Fragmentation, ecletism and deconstruction in visual-cinetic arts” in which I have tried to see how a discrepant editing will work, after Isidor Isou`s model „Venom and Eternity”.

Usually the memory is revealing memories with many uncertainties, especially in the affective zone, so that the image of a further past becomes more or less deceitful. There are moments when you ask yourself:  „is what I remember real or delusional?”

I have lived along with my parents some moments of material deprivation, but what deeply touched me were the lies and the hidious propaganda of the personality`s cult. And almost like a phisical pain was the  lack of freedom of speech.

The found footage reveal a brutal reality, and to answer to your question, judged by the spectators they have a relevancy in the models more close to them, and your remark that the communism works on a tipical model (the soviet one), I`m sure it worked in general the same in Romania as it did in China.

About the sequence with the boy in black and white in the orchard, it is not a social-politic association, it`s more a life tied parabola in the most direct sensorial way, that of the Freudian libido, of the desire itself. In my years of television, I have met people that lived extremly hard times in concentration camps or in deportation, but who still, unwillingly, kept saying: „it was nice that we were young”. So, in this sequence, I try to evoke the spirit of the age, totally separated from social-political context. I kind of suffocation of the will (that is why the boy is represented in black and white, and the rest – the urges – in color).

Yes, a part of the found footage is from the television I work at, and the other part from an amateur cine-club where I began to approach film in the 1970`s, but are not captured by myself.

I would like the film to be presented in a contamporary art gallery, in a big hall with 12-14 screens, suspended on ropes, just like laundry, but in the same planes, and in different dimensions. On these screens I would like sequences of the film projected in a certain succesion, with an initiatory taste. This way, the incert image of the memory would be showed. ”



PUFF’s new interview with Hollywood Director

Aaron Harvey, Hollywood Director & Producer, will be showing his short film at PUFF 2013

Aaron Harvey

Here’s our exclusive interview with him on 11th March 2013

PUFF reporter : Mr Harvey, as a major studio producer/director , could you say a few words about underground film festivals, PUFF or any advice to indie filmmakers ?
Harvey:  well, i would say that i don’t really consider myself a studio filmmaker by any means – considering that the last film i made (CATCH .44) was set-up and financed completely outside of the studio system.
even though there were some big actors and a great crew that came from the studio world, the film itself was actually a relatively small independent film that was privately financed by several investors that the producers had brought to the table.  so in saying that – i still don’t know particularly how the studio system itself works, other than the fact that i try to avoid it as much as possible, because i feel as an independent filmmaker – if you want to remain autonomous and regain as much creative control as possible – then the studio system isn’t set-up to help you.
Aaron Harvey 5
it’s not like PUFF or any of the other interesting, accessible festivals that offer creative people an outlet for their work – without fear of any commercial stigmas or backlash.  in that sense, the independent film world is a much more free and creative environment and one that i personally would much rather work in.  in today’s film landscape, remaining as independent as possible, in my opinion, yields the best work and the most creative satisfaction.  there’s definitely a blend in the studio world, if you manage to become a filmmaker as big as christopher nolan or ben affleck, where they studio will finance your pictures and give you full autonomy – but unless you’re at that level of filmmaking, keep sharpening your skills and honing the craft in the independent world.  then make the studio system come to you, versus trying to knock on it’s door.
in terms of advice to aspiring filmmakers – create honestly.  write what you’d want to see.  direct what you’d want to see – then let others get on board with your vision, instead of trying to pander to everyone else.  people recognize honesty and will get behind something that they feel has a direction.  in the case of my last project, i wrote a script that i didn’t think anyone would want to see, but i wrote it honestly – and that attracted the attention of the producers and actors who ended up getting involved in the project.  but i had no intention of it getting any bigger than it did, it just took on a life of it’s own after i wrote (what i perceived to just be a fun little genre) script.  again, i would say, create work that appeals to you first and foremost and with a little luck and timing, you’ll attract the pieces you need to create your vision.
Aaron Harvey 4
 also- don’t turn down opportunity.  be opportunistic.  i’ve made things for $200 and i’ve made things for several million dollars.  but i’ve never passed on an opportunity – because it’s very hard to get someone to finance your art.  and film isn’t painting – it’s not singular.  you need multiple people behind you, weather it’s actors, crew, producers, etc. – generally speaking, that will cost you something.  so if you have the opportunity (i.e. someone gives you the money) to do it, don’t hesitate.  run with it and make whatever you can the best you can with what you’ve been given.  let the talent rise above the limitations.
the last thing i would say is don’t be concerned with making your masterpiece right away.  no one’s a genius right out of the gate.  even our favorite filmmakers who we all emulate have made shit films, or films that no one remembers at the beginning of their careers.  martin scorsese made 3 or 4 films before he made MEAN STREETS.  jonathan demme made CAGED HEAT, CRAZY MAMA and FIGHTING MAD before he ever made MELVIN AND HOWARD.  william friedkin made GOOD TIMES before he made THE FRENCH CONNECTION.  they all made films just to make films because they were passionate about it – they took the opportunity to make a film and ran with it, versus worrying about weather or not they were making their opus pictures.  sharpen the craft and keep learning and stepping up with each project you make, and before you know it you’ll be filming your own masterpiece.  but it all has to start somewhere – so just get out and do it and create.  don’t worry about the social pressures or what everyone else is going to think about you or the film.
Aaron Harvey 3
PUFF reporter : Could you tell the China audience about your film ?
Harvey : my current short film – IDIOT. – is really a disparate love story.  it’s also a film that thematically i wanted to make because it creates a character blended from this ‘lonely man’ archetype that i love in some of the old films that i love.  i wanted to create my version of travis bickle and forrest gump mixed together.  the main character is a lonely, isolated man who’s just looking for love however he can find it, and becomes infatuated with a woman who works at the local magazine stand.  in a completely mis-guided way, he ends up stalking her and one day following her home, only to realize the hard way that socially it’s not acceptable to do what, in his mind, he thinks to be the right thing.
i wanted to create a character who is also ambiguous to a degree – is this guy a bad guy, or is it just a sweet introverted guy with no clue?  does he really have dangerous intentions, or is he just innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time?  i wanted to end it with those questions still raised as well, hence the ending that throws his world on it’s head.  i also felt like he embodies the frustrations of a lot people today in the world, looking to make connections and shed the loneliness of their own existences – without knowing really how to do that.  and to embody it in a character who’s so animated (the wonderful actor pj marshall), just seemed like an interesting thing for me to shoot at the time, so we went ahead and did it.
this film was made for almost nothing – just a few friends and a weekend.  again, taking an opportunity to go out and create something in the moment, that felt right, was what we did.  hopefully you like our little film as much as we do and can take something away from the film after you watch it.
thank you, Mr Harvey.
Thank you PUFF !
Bio : Aaron Philip Harvey. Born Oct 28 1980, lives in Santa Ana, California, USA

aaron Harvey 2 Aaron Harvey 3 Aaron Harvey 4 Aaron Harvey 5

Meet Reiko Kondo in HK (19th Jan 2013): winner of PUFF 2012 Short Film Category

Meet PUFF filmmaker Reiko Kondo in Hong Kong at Experimenta (Sat) 19 Jan 2013  7pm-10pm  (For PUFF Film Club members only )  Drinks, dinner and screening of her 2 recent short films.

Kondo graduated from EICAR(École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation) in Paris, France. Her 4th film, From Her to Eternity, was in competition in PUFF 2012.

Ms Kondo will be casting for her new film during her 1st visit in HK. If you are an actor or actress 20-35 years , please send your info to

Reikophoto-1Reikophoto-2Reikophoto-3 _MG_1917

Clockenflap 2012

1st & 2nd Dec , West Kowloon Distric Area

Did you went to the film tent ??


PUFF has screening under “Clockenchange ”


PUFF2012 screening at West Kowloon Cultural District 1st/2nd December ( Sat/Sun )

After party at Ozone 118 floor, ICC, Austin Road, Hong Kong

10pm-next day 4am

The People’s PUFF

PUFF 2012 will present a series of films as part of HK People Fringe Festival

24 November to 8 December 2012

All screenings at EXPERIMENTA.  Free for the people.

1. Nov 24th (Sat)- 2 Night Directed by Roi Werner (81min, 2012, Israel) in Hebrew with Eng Subtitles category 2 summary : A man and a woman met in a hip night club in Tel Aviv. They went out for fresh air and decided to have sex.

2. Dec 1st 2012 (Sat) Experimenta & the Antagonist Art Movement jointly presents : The Dolls of Lisbon (72min, 2011) The dolls of Lisbon symbolizes a little know rebellion called the Zapatista Movement; the Dolls are a symbol of resistance.EXPERIMENTA & the AAM will be making a new documentary in Ecuador Sep 2013. We are looking for 2 more passionate and outstanding artists and activists to appear in the film in Ecuador. Please contact

3. Dec 8th 2012 Another Earth (2011,USA) a science fiction/drama film directed by Mike Cahill in his feature film debut. The film stars William Mapother and Brit Marling. It premiered at the 27th Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

enquiries to
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The Pineapple Underground Film Festival 2013

PUFF is becoming one of the most important indie film festivals in China and is located in the metropolitan hub of Hong Kong.  In 2012, we screened 56 films from 30 countries, over 3 weekends in June 2012.  The program was then screened the 2nd time in October 2012 at the West Kowloon arts and film festival of Clockenflap with over 3000 audience at the film tent, giving the films exposure to Hong Kong and serving as a gateway to Greater China.  7 of the 16 features films we screened were Asia Premieres; 1 was World Premiere and another 2 were Hong Kong Premieres.

PUFF 2012 Trailer original score music written by “Ah Kok” of Hidden Agenda

Photo stills from our 2012 Experimental Highlights –

This Side of Ressurection

Original Title: Deste Lado da Ressurreição(2011)

Directed by: Joaquim Sapinho
(113m, Portugal)

The Twilight Zone

PUFF have “The Twilight Zone” post festival event for few Sat night.

We got the 2002/03 version with Forest Whitaker as the host.

It was quite a fun experiences.

The show is actually amazing, I have watched all of the eposides from that version.

There are quite a lot of good eepisodes.

The show always suprised me with guest actors and endings.

I love the show, each episode are around 20mins, and those story always excited .

Another fun thing about the event is the setting of the show.

Some of you may know that we have few different set up for the screening

It’s one of the interesting part of having screening in EXPERIMENTA.

Love the final setting for the show.

The coming up Sat would be the last screening of this set of The Twilight Zone

8/9/2012, 8pm EXPERIMENTA

Shall we have more “Twilight Zone” screening after that ?

Will share some of my favourite episodes later on the blog.

Click photo to see 2012 Trailer (3 min)

PUFF 2012 screened a total of 56 films.

16 Features Films including;

5 Doks Features;

25 Short Films;

10 Animation Shorts;

5 Experimental Videos & Films

from over 30 countries

China, Japan, Korea, India, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Romania, Iran, Oman, Sierra Leone, USA, Mexico, Chile , Brazil and Hong Kong

Selected Film Stills from 2012 Programs

Short Film Program – From Now to Eternity ( France/Japan)

Short Film Program – Manual for Bored Girls (Spain)

Doks Program – Orient Top Town (Hong Kong, China)

Feature Film Program – Re:play Girls (Japan)

Feature Film Program – Patient 17 (United Kingdom)

Doks Program – Fambul Tok (Sierra Leone)

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