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在結束這次采訪之前,邵攀導演親自彈著鋼琴獻唱。一首約翰列儂的《Real Love》之後,帶著一種自謙,緊接著,跟上了一首自己的原創歌曲《每一種愛情都是一樣的悲傷》,帶著一些所觸,他開始講述這首歌背後的故事,故事裏的環境,環境下的人,人和人的事。

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PUFF went aboveground in Shanghai!

The PUFF 2014 season was soft launched in Shanghai with a test screening of a selection of award winning short films as a preview of  our main program coming later this year.

Since its beginning and up until recently, PUFF has been maintaining an underground presence in Mainland China by way of its secret China Film Club which hosted several unannounced invitation-only film screenings in various secret locations. PUFF feels that the time is ripe now to go aboveground to better fulfil its mission of promoting independent filmmaking in China.


The event was held on the night of June 9th at the URBN Hotel in Jingan District. A total of 60 short films from 24 countries were shown with the winners of the Best Indie Shorts award given to Marioneta Ciega (Mexico), directed by Jaime Fidalgo and L’ombra Interior (Spain), directed by Arnau Segarra Braunstein. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the PUFF 2014 main program going to be held in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the last quarter of 2014.

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