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PUFF 2014 program for Hong Kong

It’s here finally! Program for PUFF 2014 Hong Kong:


PUFF announces winners for 2013

The Pineapple Underground Film Festival is proud to announce the winners for 2013.

The PUFF Indie Awards goes to El Effecto K (120min, Spain), The Mute (98min, China) and Sonata (15min, Spain), with Special Mention goes to Lapsus (30min, France) and Documentary Daughter of the Niger Delta (55min, Nigeria). The Sound and Original Score Showcase will be presenting 4 films: The Lives of Hamilton Fish (94min, USA), Idiots (19min, USA), Disappear (9min, Hong Kong) and Voices (4min, Bahrain). Audience award goes to Idiots (19min, USA)


El Efecto K, directed by Valenti Figueres Jorge, had its Asia Premiere at PUFF. Using archival footages, blending documentary and narrative fictional parts, the most significant events of the 20th century was told through Hollywood producer and Stalin’s own film editor/superspy Maxime Stransky.

PUFF says “ This is an odyssey that brought the audience through a journey of an illusionary and dreamlike mix of reality and false documentary. The filmmaker’s interpretation of the Kuleshov editing style manipulated the raw materials within a medium, thus created an aesthetic experience that made the historical content to be of secondary importance but a work that resonates emotions in the audience.“

The Mute 2

The Mute had its International Premiere at PUFF. It is a stylish psychological thriller shot in Shanghai by first time filmmaker ArisTo. PUFF says “ An outstanding beginning ten minutes followed by a good and progressive pace of the script, unfolding into an intense finale. The tenderness of young love, the suspense and use of music makes this an exceptional first attempt in filmmaking.“


Sonata also premiered internationally at PUFF. Inspired by Kreutzer Sonata by Tolstoi, Sonata explores the society’s norm of exclusive preference for one person and whether that equates true love.

PUFF says “ powerful and daringly rummaging in each of our souls, the human hearts, nature and true love. Or, as the film shows, that the word love itself is barely sufficient to describe our feelings. This ambitious short film peals away the lies and deceits in our hearts; that what we desire, we did not know. “

PUFF also pays homage to women filmmakers and filmmakers who live in countries where access to films, training and equipment is a challenge.  The Lives of Hamilton Fish (World Premiere )  is a feature length rock and opera musical written and sung by Rachel Mason from New York. Curated by Experimenta, a video and film art space in Hong Kong, the film was screened with Rachel singing live in Hong Kong.

Daughters of the Niger Delta (International Premiere), supported by the German Embassy in Abuja in Nigeria, was made by 9 first time woman filmmakers.  Their desperate struggle and everyday injustice is a revolution which will affect more than 50% of the world’s people.  The extent of poverty, sexual harassment and sexual mutilation, discrimination that is still wildly accepted as norm for women, will hopefully one day be only found in history books.

Interviews of the winners will be published on our website and on Facebook in the coming week.  A separate piece on the other short and experimental films will be published soon.  Please stay tuned.

PUFF short film program: cool film & hot filmmaker

Cold Turkey ( 14min, 2013) by Arnarsson
Cold Turkey ( 14min, 2013) by Arnarsson

1. Your film is gruesome but it has a certain kind of humour too; is this your way of expressing a feeling of this world ?
The humor in COLD TURKEY is a way for me to retain the serious tone of the film. Cannibalism is an extremely serious and often taboo subject matter so I felt I needed some humor to make light out of it. I wanted to provoke certain uneasiness and serious thought but also amusement. I have always felt that these types of films allow you to engage in an interesting emotional experience, one that includes both laughter and discomfort, sometimes simultaneously. In that sense, the humor in the film is just another way for me to play the audience. I am simply the orchestra conductor and the audience´s reactions are my orchestra. I hope to make them laugh one moment and be horrified the next.
2. What kind of movies have you been watching to inspire this film ?
I re-watched some films that have made me ambivalent in terms of sympathy and antipathy for its protagonist. There is this obsession in traditional Hollywood filmmaking of a heroic and easily relatable protagonist. I am not interested in painting such characters or so called cardboard cutouts that are an absolute type. I am more interested in the shades of grey that create a multifaceted person. I feel that characters that alternate more between good and bad sides in him- or herself often come across as more real. So when I decided I wanted to create a film about a cannibal, I did not want to portray him simply as a cold-hearted killer. Instead I wanted to enable an audience to see something decent in Adam (Brynjar Holdversson). After all we are all only human and I believe pure evil is just as unattainable as a pure good. Therefore, I watched some films to figure out how I could expand Adam and his actions enough to where the audience could actually question whether he is ‘’good’’ or ‘’evil’’.
3. Tell us a little about your life and other coming new projects.
I am from Iceland but live in Boston. Right now I am back home in Iceland ; I am finishing up two short film scripts. I can´t tell you exactly what they are about. But I definitely plan to keep exploring the combination of the gruesome with some humor.
Thor Arnarsson

XXX Highlights – What’s New About Love ? 愛情海綿 (93 min, Portugal)


Original Title : O Que ha de novo no amor ?  (93 min, Portugal)

23 June 2012 ( Sat ) at XXX
由6名年輕電影製片人的6 個當代愛情故事.

Six contemporary love stories by six young and up and coming directors. .

2 Night at XXX 15 June 2012

城市, 是以色列的首都特拉維夫; 地方, 是一個酒吧 ; 時間, 是晚上 ; 人物, 是一個男人和一個女人.

The city is Tel Aviv; the place is a bar; the night is young; a woman just had kissed a man she just met.

for 18 and above / strong adult themes

2012 Program Roll Out 節目大滾動 – 時間表 – 6月8日OPENING Film & Afterparty !! BYOB

8-23 JUNE 2012

*PUFF reserve the rights to amend the program

* Our Short Film and Experimental Program will be shown in a loop; there will not be individual listing of all our short films – but come to see them – you’ll be in for a nice PUFF surprise !

*Addition and Amendment to program above :  2 Night :  Best Actress nomination at the Israeli Academy Award / The Language of Time is a Asia Premiere – not a World Premiere.

Opening film and party

8th June (Friday) 8pm at Hidden Agenda… BYOB  yeah !!!!

(all 18 years and above; mostly sex and politics ; all first-time filmmakers ; Asia and World Premieres)

Hidden Agenda 

( Free for PUFF Film Club; sign up / on our Facebook / or sign up on arrival)

8th June (Fri)      8:00pm  Cultures of Resistence 全球起義  (Brazil & USA,  80 min) IN COMPETITION Asian Premiere

9th June (Sat)     8:00pm  Orient Top Town 大東方   (China, 83 min ) Docu-drama on visual artists and property developers in Shanghai,  Hong Kong Premiere

10th June (Sun)  8:00pm  Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性 + Nage-ire essence of Japanese Spirit 插花女殺手 (60min + 60 min,  Japan)   Drama , love & sex , subculture,  Asian Premiere


(all Experimenta program free for PUFF Film Club members, sign up now !)

16th June (Sat)  

7:30pm       Roomless不設房 (Hong Kong 90min)   Drama, sex & Hong Kong

9:00pm       El Lenguaje del Tiempo ( The Language of Time ) 只在乎曾經擁有 ( Chile, 87m ) IN COMPETITION, World Premiere , auteur , drama, love, experimental

17th June (Sun)

3:00pm   Fambul Tok  營火 (USA, 82min ) Documentary , reconciliation and war , IN COMPETITION

5:30pm  Teneriffa Exit  愛上陌生人 (Germany  90min)  Indie love drama 

19-22nd June (Free for PUFF Film Club Members )

12-6pm  Experimental & short film program including One Thirty (India,58min ) Okuraku no ojisan (Japan ,64m) Sochi 255  (France,115 min) The Darned Bulb (Romania,55min )  This Side of Resurrection (Portugal,113 min) Trip  (Romania,117 min)   Pets Republic of China (China, 61 min )  How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli Problem (Ireland,96 min )


( HK$30 pay at the door )

15th June (Fri)   8:00pm   2 Night 以色列的第二夜 (Israel  81 min) Drama,big city, nightlife,sex ,Asia premiere    IN COMPETITION 

23rd June (Sat)  8:00pm     O que ha de novo no amor ? 愛情海綿 (Portugal,114m ) 6 filmmakers & 6 love stories  Asia Premiere

Fringe Club
( HK$60 each, HK$100 for both nights,  buy on HK Ticketing )
21st June (Thurs)  7:45pm Patient 17 第十七號病人( United Kingdom , 78 min )  Suspense, drama , IN COMPETITION, Asia Premiere22nd June (Fri) 7:45pm Re:Play Girls校服自殺團  (Japan, 94 min) Hong Kong Premiere
 菠蘿電影節 PUFF 匯集來自世界各地的電影「菠蘿」,  於另類視藝空間 EXPERIMENTA —   透過獨立電影人不拘一格的美學視覺及尖銳的電影語言,加上嶄新的放映模式,希望能為地下電影吸納新觀眾、探索新思維並建構新空間。

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