Prickly and juicy indie films bring you a refreshing viewing experience

(Hong Kong, Jun 1, 2016) – LeEco and The Pineapple Underground Film Festival (PUFF) are excited to announce Hong Kong’s first art house and experimental film festival VOD feature page: PUFF. The page will be launched on June 2nd, 2016 and it will feature its first batch of 12 films from Spain, South Africa, France, Australia, Japan, Argentina, USA and Hong Kong. Le VIP members could enjoy the movies via Le SuperTV, Le Superphone and Le TV Box without additional charge.

LeEco is proud to launch the feature page with PUFF, not only because all the films are Hong Kong premieres, but the programs are curated by an independent film festival that had its beginnings here in Hong Kong”, says Tin Mok, CEO for APAC at LeEco,” We believe that every movie are precious and unique for filmmakers. This is so honor to be a platform which allow more indie and niche movies to be shown to the audience.”

PUFF’s founder Gina See-Yuen Wong says “We are so proud to collaborate with LeEco. LeEco’s ecosystem and online platform is a major force and it started a revolution in how indie films are shown and presented to the audience. The network transformed and changed who and how creative works are now being made and viewed. “

The concept of PUFF started when their founders were eating at a “dai pai dong “( a type of local fast food in Hong Kong) and realized that there are no bold and independently funded festivals in Hong Kong at that time. The founders, themselves also indie filmmakers, thought that many young brilliant filmmakers wants to show their films in a new format too. PUFF started with 21 films in 2011, and had since grown to feature more than 86 films for their PUFF 2015 editions. The direction of PUFF”s program is edgy and avant-garde ; with a special taste for those who like weird ways of storytelling. PUFF founders also personally travelled the world to meet these filmmakers in person and to take their films to Hong Kong for our audience.


清爽多汁另類電影 為你帶來破格視覺體驗

(香港,201661) LeEco樂視菠蘿電影節(The Pineapple Underground Film Festival, PUFF) 攜手宣布將設立香港第一個以藝術和實驗電影為主題的專題頁PUFF。專題頁將於明天(62)正式登陸樂視香港版UI,第一批來自西班牙、南非、法國、澳大利亞、日本、阿根廷、美國和香港的12部另類電影將率先上線,例如以西班牙「廢青」為主題的登山者故事「神奇登山者 El Alpinista」、以狗隻角度講述被主人拋棄的兩分鐘短片「48K」等。樂視的超級影視會員屆時可透過樂視超級電視、超級手機及樂視盒子隨時點播,絕不錯失任何精彩一幕!


菠蘿地下電影節的創辦人Gina 黃思源說:「我們很榮幸能與樂視合作,推出 PUFF 專題。樂視生態及其網上平台,是一股很重要力量它開展了一場電影放送的革命。網絡世界的變革,改變了原有電影及藝術錄的創作模式也給予觀眾更多自主空間,去自定欣賞評審作品的方式。」