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LeEco and PUFF announce collaboration 樂視與菠蘿電影節合作推出獨立電影專題

Prickly and juicy indie films bring you a refreshing viewing experience

(Hong Kong, Jun 1, 2016) – LeEco and The Pineapple Underground Film Festival (PUFF) are excited to announce Hong Kong’s first art house and experimental film festival VOD feature page: PUFF. The page will be launched on June 2nd, 2016 and it will feature its first batch of 12 films from Spain, South Africa, France, Australia, Japan, Argentina, USA and Hong Kong. Le VIP members could enjoy the movies via Le SuperTV, Le Superphone and Le TV Box without additional charge.

LeEco is proud to launch the feature page with PUFF, not only because all the films are Hong Kong premieres, but the programs are curated by an independent film festival that had its beginnings here in Hong Kong”, says Tin Mok, CEO for APAC at LeEco,” We believe that every movie are precious and unique for filmmakers. This is so honor to be a platform which allow more indie and niche movies to be shown to the audience.”

PUFF’s founder Gina See-Yuen Wong says “We are so proud to collaborate with LeEco. LeEco’s ecosystem and online platform is a major force and it started a revolution in how indie films are shown and presented to the audience. The network transformed and changed who and how creative works are now being made and viewed. “

The concept of PUFF started when their founders were eating at a “dai pai dong “( a type of local fast food in Hong Kong) and realized that there are no bold and independently funded festivals in Hong Kong at that time. The founders, themselves also indie filmmakers, thought that many young brilliant filmmakers wants to show their films in a new format too. PUFF started with 21 films in 2011, and had since grown to feature more than 86 films for their PUFF 2015 editions. The direction of PUFF”s program is edgy and avant-garde ; with a special taste for those who like weird ways of storytelling. PUFF founders also personally travelled the world to meet these filmmakers in person and to take their films to Hong Kong for our audience.


清爽多汁另類電影 為你帶來破格視覺體驗

(香港,201661) LeEco樂視菠蘿電影節(The Pineapple Underground Film Festival, PUFF) 攜手宣布將設立香港第一個以藝術和實驗電影為主題的專題頁PUFF。專題頁將於明天(62)正式登陸樂視香港版UI,第一批來自西班牙、南非、法國、澳大利亞、日本、阿根廷、美國和香港的12部另類電影將率先上線,例如以西班牙「廢青」為主題的登山者故事「神奇登山者 El Alpinista」、以狗隻角度講述被主人拋棄的兩分鐘短片「48K」等。樂視的超級影視會員屆時可透過樂視超級電視、超級手機及樂視盒子隨時點播,絕不錯失任何精彩一幕!


菠蘿地下電影節的創辦人Gina 黃思源說:「我們很榮幸能與樂視合作,推出 PUFF 專題。樂視生態及其網上平台,是一股很重要力量它開展了一場電影放送的革命。網絡世界的變革,改變了原有電影及藝術錄的創作模式也給予觀眾更多自主空間,去自定欣賞評審作品的方式。」




PUFF went aboveground in Shanghai!

The PUFF 2014 season was soft launched in Shanghai with a test screening of a selection of award winning short films as a preview of  our main program coming later this year.

Since its beginning and up until recently, PUFF has been maintaining an underground presence in Mainland China by way of its secret China Film Club which hosted several unannounced invitation-only film screenings in various secret locations. PUFF feels that the time is ripe now to go aboveground to better fulfil its mission of promoting independent filmmaking in China.


The event was held on the night of June 9th at the URBN Hotel in Jingan District. A total of 60 short films from 24 countries were shown with the winners of the Best Indie Shorts award given to Marioneta Ciega (Mexico), directed by Jaime Fidalgo and L’ombra Interior (Spain), directed by Arnau Segarra Braunstein. Please stay tuned for the announcement of the PUFF 2014 main program going to be held in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the last quarter of 2014.

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PUFF on TVB Pearl !

We are on Hong Kong biggest TV Network !

Come to our 2nd week of programs : all Asia Premieres , first time in Hong Kong. Not available online or anywhere.

Transgender Tuesday (USA, 2012) TODAY (Tues) 18th June at EXPERIMENTA
Transgender Tuesday (USA, 2012)(Tues) 18th Jun at EXPERIMENTA
Mute (China, 2013) 21st June (Friday) at EXPERIMENTA
The Mute (China, 2013) 21st June (This Friday) at EXPERIMENTA
Propaganda (North Korea, 2013) 22nd June (Sat) at XXX
Propaganda (North Korea, 2013) 22nd June (Sat) at XXX
Uprising (Egypt, 2012) Int'l Premiere Sunday 23 June
Uprising (Egypt, 2012) Int’l Premiere Sunday 23 June

PUFF presents in BLUE RAY

The Italian Apartment (72 min,Italy)  and Waves (63 min,UK)

International and Asia Premiere
By Invitation Only

Monday 17th June 2013



About Waves
An extraordinary story of a deep alchemical connection of an emotionally repressed woman who lives in London and a fisherman, trapped on a Seychelles island after a shipwreck. They have never met each other; death their only choice to re-birth as one.

About Italy Belong to Us
Only when we approach the end of our lives do we realize what are the truly treasurable things in life. This is the philosophical theme this exquisitely made film sets out to explore.

A filmmaker, after discovering his terminal illness, returned to his home town to look for inspirations to shoot his last film. He asked people to tell him stories about Italy. The lively stories being told contrasted with the meditative, reflective mood will surely made an impression on you and make you ponder about the purpose of your life.


Blue Ray Special Event for members
Blue Ray Special Event for members
PUFF Experimental Films
PUFF Catalogue

PUFF’s new interview with Hollywood Director

Aaron Harvey, Hollywood Director & Producer, will be showing his short film at PUFF 2013

Aaron Harvey

Here’s our exclusive interview with him on 11th March 2013

PUFF reporter : Mr Harvey, as a major studio producer/director , could you say a few words about underground film festivals, PUFF or any advice to indie filmmakers ?
Harvey:  well, i would say that i don’t really consider myself a studio filmmaker by any means – considering that the last film i made (CATCH .44) was set-up and financed completely outside of the studio system.
even though there were some big actors and a great crew that came from the studio world, the film itself was actually a relatively small independent film that was privately financed by several investors that the producers had brought to the table.  so in saying that – i still don’t know particularly how the studio system itself works, other than the fact that i try to avoid it as much as possible, because i feel as an independent filmmaker – if you want to remain autonomous and regain as much creative control as possible – then the studio system isn’t set-up to help you.
Aaron Harvey 5
it’s not like PUFF or any of the other interesting, accessible festivals that offer creative people an outlet for their work – without fear of any commercial stigmas or backlash.  in that sense, the independent film world is a much more free and creative environment and one that i personally would much rather work in.  in today’s film landscape, remaining as independent as possible, in my opinion, yields the best work and the most creative satisfaction.  there’s definitely a blend in the studio world, if you manage to become a filmmaker as big as christopher nolan or ben affleck, where they studio will finance your pictures and give you full autonomy – but unless you’re at that level of filmmaking, keep sharpening your skills and honing the craft in the independent world.  then make the studio system come to you, versus trying to knock on it’s door.
in terms of advice to aspiring filmmakers – create honestly.  write what you’d want to see.  direct what you’d want to see – then let others get on board with your vision, instead of trying to pander to everyone else.  people recognize honesty and will get behind something that they feel has a direction.  in the case of my last project, i wrote a script that i didn’t think anyone would want to see, but i wrote it honestly – and that attracted the attention of the producers and actors who ended up getting involved in the project.  but i had no intention of it getting any bigger than it did, it just took on a life of it’s own after i wrote (what i perceived to just be a fun little genre) script.  again, i would say, create work that appeals to you first and foremost and with a little luck and timing, you’ll attract the pieces you need to create your vision.
Aaron Harvey 4
 also- don’t turn down opportunity.  be opportunistic.  i’ve made things for $200 and i’ve made things for several million dollars.  but i’ve never passed on an opportunity – because it’s very hard to get someone to finance your art.  and film isn’t painting – it’s not singular.  you need multiple people behind you, weather it’s actors, crew, producers, etc. – generally speaking, that will cost you something.  so if you have the opportunity (i.e. someone gives you the money) to do it, don’t hesitate.  run with it and make whatever you can the best you can with what you’ve been given.  let the talent rise above the limitations.
the last thing i would say is don’t be concerned with making your masterpiece right away.  no one’s a genius right out of the gate.  even our favorite filmmakers who we all emulate have made shit films, or films that no one remembers at the beginning of their careers.  martin scorsese made 3 or 4 films before he made MEAN STREETS.  jonathan demme made CAGED HEAT, CRAZY MAMA and FIGHTING MAD before he ever made MELVIN AND HOWARD.  william friedkin made GOOD TIMES before he made THE FRENCH CONNECTION.  they all made films just to make films because they were passionate about it – they took the opportunity to make a film and ran with it, versus worrying about weather or not they were making their opus pictures.  sharpen the craft and keep learning and stepping up with each project you make, and before you know it you’ll be filming your own masterpiece.  but it all has to start somewhere – so just get out and do it and create.  don’t worry about the social pressures or what everyone else is going to think about you or the film.
Aaron Harvey 3
PUFF reporter : Could you tell the China audience about your film ?
Harvey : my current short film – IDIOT. – is really a disparate love story.  it’s also a film that thematically i wanted to make because it creates a character blended from this ‘lonely man’ archetype that i love in some of the old films that i love.  i wanted to create my version of travis bickle and forrest gump mixed together.  the main character is a lonely, isolated man who’s just looking for love however he can find it, and becomes infatuated with a woman who works at the local magazine stand.  in a completely mis-guided way, he ends up stalking her and one day following her home, only to realize the hard way that socially it’s not acceptable to do what, in his mind, he thinks to be the right thing.
i wanted to create a character who is also ambiguous to a degree – is this guy a bad guy, or is it just a sweet introverted guy with no clue?  does he really have dangerous intentions, or is he just innocently in the wrong place at the wrong time?  i wanted to end it with those questions still raised as well, hence the ending that throws his world on it’s head.  i also felt like he embodies the frustrations of a lot people today in the world, looking to make connections and shed the loneliness of their own existences – without knowing really how to do that.  and to embody it in a character who’s so animated (the wonderful actor pj marshall), just seemed like an interesting thing for me to shoot at the time, so we went ahead and did it.
this film was made for almost nothing – just a few friends and a weekend.  again, taking an opportunity to go out and create something in the moment, that felt right, was what we did.  hopefully you like our little film as much as we do and can take something away from the film after you watch it.
thank you, Mr Harvey.
Thank you PUFF !
Bio : Aaron Philip Harvey. Born Oct 28 1980, lives in Santa Ana, California, USA

aaron Harvey 2 Aaron Harvey 3 Aaron Harvey 4 Aaron Harvey 5

Hong Kong Highlights – Roomless (93 min) & Orient Top Town (83 min ) 香港焦點 – 不設房 & 大東方

Roomless – 港男阿偉,加入綜援行列,「橋」埋雙手唔駛撈,獨自蝸居一百呎套房,過其頹廢生活… 他遇上一樓一鳳姐阿媚…….

大東方   Orient Top Town   –  巨額投資的結果是無人問津的樓盤 ,  商家們想把冷清了無人煙的大東方變活 , 注入了一群沒有錢只有畫的藝術家 .  在茫茫大海中找得浮台 .  在這空降又沒有根基的烏托幫生長 雖要走的還得要走 ,  但在再次成為無根草之先 就痛快活在當下.

(18 years & above)

English Film Synopsis :  Orient Top Town is the English name given to a luxurious real estate development in south east Shanghai, China. The grand entrance of the project is a replica of the arc de triomphe in Paris.

Reality, however, did not quite match the developer’s grand intentions. Despite a booming property market boom in China, nothing much were sold at Orient Top Town. It is empty with no one.

So, in order to make the place look more crowded, the developers decided to let artists live in the 500 vacant shop spaces for free. Soon, a community began to take shape in the estate.

the backdrop of a glamorous big city of Shanghai, Orient Top Town represents an ironic reminder of how untenable the fast pace development can be in China. The artists’ personal stories are a reflection of the hearts and minds of the people in China today, of the reality of surviving the unique Chinese economy and of how art and property meet to become the best business partners!


Free for PUFF Film Club members at all films in EXPERIMENTA and Hidden Agenda |  XXX HK$30 pay at the door |  Fringe Club HK$60 buy online HK Ticketing

Feature Highlights 焦點 1 - Re:play-Girls (60min, Japan)

(Category III) High-school student Michi, who wants to end her own life, stumbles into an online suicide chat room, where she decides to buy their special service. She is asked: “Would you like to REPLAY?” and impulsively presses “Yes”, catapulting herself on a quest to her own death in the suicide game, “Re:Play-Girls”.

for ages 18 & above

Other Japanese films in the festival  :

10 JUNE 2012 (60min, Japan at Hidden Agenda 8pm

Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性愛機

Directed by : Taku Kuroda

Shy Japanese office man loved his girlfriend but he wanted more.  She cannot be physically touched but she wanted it too.  The only answer to that is a sex machine.


2012 Program Roll Out 節目大滾動 – 時間表 – 6月8日OPENING Film & Afterparty !! BYOB

8-23 JUNE 2012

*PUFF reserve the rights to amend the program

* Our Short Film and Experimental Program will be shown in a loop; there will not be individual listing of all our short films – but come to see them – you’ll be in for a nice PUFF surprise !

*Addition and Amendment to program above :  2 Night :  Best Actress nomination at the Israeli Academy Award / The Language of Time is a Asia Premiere – not a World Premiere.

Opening film and party

8th June (Friday) 8pm at Hidden Agenda… BYOB  yeah !!!!

(all 18 years and above; mostly sex and politics ; all first-time filmmakers ; Asia and World Premieres)

Hidden Agenda 

( Free for PUFF Film Club; sign up / on our Facebook / or sign up on arrival)

8th June (Fri)      8:00pm  Cultures of Resistence 全球起義  (Brazil & USA,  80 min) IN COMPETITION Asian Premiere

9th June (Sat)     8:00pm  Orient Top Town 大東方   (China, 83 min ) Docu-drama on visual artists and property developers in Shanghai,  Hong Kong Premiere

10th June (Sun)  8:00pm  Dusk of the Peeping Tom 自動性 + Nage-ire essence of Japanese Spirit 插花女殺手 (60min + 60 min,  Japan)   Drama , love & sex , subculture,  Asian Premiere


(all Experimenta program free for PUFF Film Club members, sign up now !)

16th June (Sat)  

7:30pm       Roomless不設房 (Hong Kong 90min)   Drama, sex & Hong Kong

9:00pm       El Lenguaje del Tiempo ( The Language of Time ) 只在乎曾經擁有 ( Chile, 87m ) IN COMPETITION, World Premiere , auteur , drama, love, experimental

17th June (Sun)

3:00pm   Fambul Tok  營火 (USA, 82min ) Documentary , reconciliation and war , IN COMPETITION

5:30pm  Teneriffa Exit  愛上陌生人 (Germany  90min)  Indie love drama 

19-22nd June (Free for PUFF Film Club Members )

12-6pm  Experimental & short film program including One Thirty (India,58min ) Okuraku no ojisan (Japan ,64m) Sochi 255  (France,115 min) The Darned Bulb (Romania,55min )  This Side of Resurrection (Portugal,113 min) Trip  (Romania,117 min)   Pets Republic of China (China, 61 min )  How we can solve the Palestinian Israeli Problem (Ireland,96 min )


( HK$30 pay at the door )

15th June (Fri)   8:00pm   2 Night 以色列的第二夜 (Israel  81 min) Drama,big city, nightlife,sex ,Asia premiere    IN COMPETITION 

23rd June (Sat)  8:00pm     O que ha de novo no amor ? 愛情海綿 (Portugal,114m ) 6 filmmakers & 6 love stories  Asia Premiere

Fringe Club
( HK$60 each, HK$100 for both nights,  buy on HK Ticketing )
21st June (Thurs)  7:45pm Patient 17 第十七號病人( United Kingdom , 78 min )  Suspense, drama , IN COMPETITION, Asia Premiere22nd June (Fri) 7:45pm Re:Play Girls校服自殺團  (Japan, 94 min) Hong Kong Premiere
 菠蘿電影節 PUFF 匯集來自世界各地的電影「菠蘿」,  於另類視藝空間 EXPERIMENTA —   透過獨立電影人不拘一格的美學視覺及尖銳的電影語言,加上嶄新的放映模式,希望能為地下電影吸納新觀眾、探索新思維並建構新空間。

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